A revolution
in the world of laundry

Wave is the first fully biodegradable sheet detergent.
No bottle, no meter, just a sheet that splits, stores in the drum and dissolves during washing without a trace.


Wave reduces
weight and bulk,
only 50 g for
16 washes.


With Wave you can save time and money, thanks to its innovative form doing the washing machine has never been so easy.


Wave is an Eco Friendly product that respects the environment and the fabrics and protects the health of the skin.

- 1 mln
+ k
- 1 mln


How to use it?

Divide the sheet into two parts following the dotted line.

1/2 sheet into the bottom of the drum or dispenser.

the washing

Our history

You can be responsible even when doing your laundry: this is how, in a nutshell, the philosophy of WAVE IL DETERSIVO IN FOGLI can be summarized, which will be presented from April 22 on the occasion of World Earth Day with a totally renewed packaging, now completely PLASTIC FREE:
in addition to the cardboard box, the sources of which are guaranteed responsible, a regenerated cellulose film, a 100% compostable material.

WAVE THE DETERGENT IN SHEETS is a product that was strongly desired by BLUGENIA, a Veneto-based company that is committed to developing businesses with a high level of ethics and transparency, with the conviction that even small daily gestures by everyone can make a difference to safeguard people and the environment.

A new way of looking at the world from which the WAVE project has taken off, the result of years of analysis with studies on consumer behavior, distribution and use of detergents. And a careful design, to develop a product that reduces the impact on people and the environment, but at the same time of quality, performance and affordable for everyone.

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