Small gestures
for a big change.

Wave has always taken care of what it loves.

Protecting the family, respecting fabrics and defending the health of the skin because it contains no chemical additives.

But it also aims to turn a simple wash into a huge change and thus reduce the environmental impact, aware that the future lies in living sustainably.

For a cleaner world.

The laundry revolution.

A new way of thinking to be in harmony with the planet.

Wave is not just a product, but a real philosophy that stems from the awareness that we live in a world to be protected and defended.

Our products:
an all-Green Eco.

We have created a range of Eco-Friendly products that respect fabrics and protect the health of the skin because they do not contain phosphates, parabens, 1,4-dioxane, microplastics, MIT preservatives, bleach and optical brighteners.

They are also Cruelty Free, Vegan, Hypoallergenic and Nikel Tested, which is why they are particularly recommended for washing children’s clothes.

What’s more, we make our packaging from 100% sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

No bottles, no measuring cups, just a sheet that splits and dissolves during washing without a trace.

From philosophy to laundry.

The Wave project represents our way of protecting the planet by creating an environmentally friendly product that inspires consumers to take positive action.

An ideal bond to establish with nature, which we strengthen every time we do our laundry and which takes shape under the three basic WORDS:


Thanks to its lightness, Wave reduces all weight and needless sizes, only 50 g for 16 washes.


Thanks to its innovative shape, doing the laundry has never been easier. With Wave you save time and money.


Thanks to its special formula Wave is an Eco-Friendtly product that protects your family and the environmtent, respects fabrics and the health of your skin because it is hypoallergenic.

Here is the Wave collection

The Wave family includes a wide range of products.


Fragrance Free



Citric Acid



with Essential Oils

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