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For best results, here’s how to put WaVe in your washing machine drum: 1. Divide the sheet into two 2. Top Loading Washing Machine: a. put the laundry in the drum b. put the half sheet of WaVe directly into the basket above the laundry c. start the washing machine with the desired washing program 3. Front loading washing machine.Two options: a1. insert WaVe in the detergent dispenser (if necessary tear half a WaVe sheet into small pieces) .a2. WaVe can also be inserted directly into the washing machine drum under the laundry b. put the laundry in the drum c.start the washing machine with the desired washing program To obtain excellent results in front loading machines, we recommend inserting the WaVe leaflet in the detergent dispensing compartment. If the compartment is small or shallow, tear the half sheet into small pieces so that they fit easily into the dispensing compartment. If your washing machine has separate compartments for the main prewash and wash cycles, it is recommended to place part of the WaVe half sheet in each compartment. Then simply follow your washing machine manufacturer’s instructions and use WaVe like any liquid or powder detergent. For all front loading washing machines, WaVe can also be placed directly inside the drum before adding clothes.Some new HE (High Efficiency) machines use very little water and it is possible, in rare cases, that the WaVe sheet may be wrapped in clothing before getting wet enough to dissolve completely. Consumers report the same problem with this type of washing machine, even with unit dosage liquid detergents. WaVe has the advantage, to overcome this problem in these particular machines, of being able to be placed in the dispensing compartment where the water flow at the beginning of the filling cycle completely dissolves the WaVe sheet.

WaVe washing detergent is a Cruelty Free product: no animal derived ingredients are used in it and no animal testing has been conducted by us or our suppliers. We voluntarily publish our ingredient list and MSDS as part of our commitment to transparency and sustainability. The WaVe Safety Data Sheet can be misinterpreted because it contains references to historical animal test data taken from literary sources. The MSDS format is regulated by law and requires you to include data published in the literature that catalog the characteristics of the chemical compound used in our ingredients. Animal test data reported are drawn from historical and published literature. Unfortunately, at some point in the past few years,a laboratory (unknown to us) has conducted animal tests on that compound and published their results. We do not support, accept and do not allow these types of tests, but we are legally obliged to refer to them in our safety data sheet.

We recommend using WaVe within three years of purchase. WaVe remains unaltered in its cleaning capacity much longer than the six or twelve months of storage typical of the best detergents on the market.

In most situations, half a sheet of WaVe is recommended for one load of laundry. A standard single load is considered 3 to 5 kg of dry, lightly soiled laundry to be washed in moderately hard water (these are the conditions under which they are tested detergents) also for WaVe, as for other detergents, the amount of detergent used must be increased if the water is particularly hard and calcareous, if the laundry is particularly dirty or the amount of laundry exceeds 5 kg. greater amount of wave depending on the situation.Unlike other single-dose cleaners, WaVe is the only one that allows you to dose the quantity and thus avoid any waste, simply by tearing the sheet in the necessary quantity.But also to reduce the quantity to be used in the presence of very small laundry loads or for hand washing even a single item.

We do not recommend washing silk fabrics with WaVe. We recommend that you follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer. Most silk fabric manufacturers usually recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with specific detergents. Tips and advice for washing silk can be found at www.howtocleanstuff.net.

WaVe is safe for most synthetic fabrics, however we recommend that you always follow the specific washing instructions of each clothing manufacturer. WaVe is safe for most synthetic fabrics because it does not contain surfactants or cationic solvents or solvents.

In new laundry detergents, the amount of foam produced is not directly proportional to the cleaning power. Manufacturers of high efficiency (HE) washing machines suggest the use of low absorption detergent formulations, specifically designated as HE-compatible. WaVe uses a low foam formulation, compatible with HE and effective for all other types of washing machines. Other detergents that produce a lot of foam usually have ingredients that only produce large amounts of foam without improving the cleaning properties of the product – they are added only because the production of foam seems to be synonymous with cleaning quality – but it is not. it’s just about appearance.

With particular care, WaVe can be used safely to hand wash certain wool fabrics, but we always recommend that you follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations set out on clothing labels. Manufacturers of woolen fabrics usually recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with specific detergents. WaVe can be used for hand washing taking care to completely dissolve the half sheet in water before adding the wool items. Wool washing tips and tricks can be found at www.wikihow.com/Wash-Wool.

WaVe is safe for 100% cotton nappies, however we recommend that you always follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer. Unlike most branded liquid cleaners, WaVe does not alter the absorbency of the cloth and is hypoallergenic. Attention. Many new generation diapers also contain a mix of synthetic materials and adhesives in their support structure. Depending on the materials used, cleaning agents generally could affect the strength and durability of this support structure.

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